Shasta Averyhardt - History That Must Be Heard

This amazing African American woman worked her way from the mean streets of Flint onto the LPGA tour. A wonderful story full of resilience and struggle. Being a black female golfer comes with it's own set of burdens. What's amazing about her is, she only wants to use her accomplishments to help inspire others to create their own (accomplishments). 

"People love to learn how to become better. I'm constantly working on myself to be better than I was yesterday; so I decided to highlight topics that relate to something I've experienced before. I want to have a positive influence and be a voice for women in a male dominated space. " - Shasta

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Hidden Humility

Just two days from releasing her first book and one of the most important moments of her life; Gabrielle is not focused on herself, but others.  She's the ultimate example of humility, and that's one of the main reasons she will have enormous success. 

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