Hidden Humility

Hidden Humility

by Kellen E. Brandon


Swartz Creek, MI--Anyone else in the world on the cusp of releasing their first book would probably be most focused on themselves; promoting their project, reaching for fan fare, posting on social media, and looking to secure as many consumers as possible. Not this girl. In fact, she's been doing quite the opposite; promoting the work of other authors under the BP umbrella, growing her journalism skills & covering events (that have nothing to do with her or the book Hidden Minds), and signing tons of pre-sold copies of Hidden Minds so that supporters will feel appreciated. Gabrielle Cavett continues to amaze us with a pure heart fueled from one thing--humility. 

She’s amazing! Professional, and a great writer. She made the vision for my event clear through her article. She’s going to be great.
— Kenneth Vaughn

Less than 7 days from one of the biggest moments in her life, Gabrielle found herself running around the city of Flint taking photos, interviewing speakers and authors, and writing articles about events and people that may or may not even purchase her project. I'm sure, though, it never crossed her mind. She's set the bar for humility and service higher than it's ever been at Brandon Publishing. Everyday I receive text messages or emails from authors who's projects are not even close to completion. Some complain, and even put forward lack luster effort to move their projects forward. Everyday I receive text messages from Gabrielle. Never once does she request anything "that I could/should do for her," she's always asking what she can do for others. 

This young lady deserves the support of everyone, and I'm sure she will receive it sooner than later. Yet I am 100% confident, that it will NEVER go to her head. Gabrielle, who was made the face of Brandon Publishing's Young Author's Program, has taken this role and only looked to serve others. She shares her journey, the ups and downs, with all of the youth authors looking to one day be in her position. She's a class act across the board and definitely on the route to success. 

Gabrielle's first book entitled Hidden Minds is set to release to the world on October 15, 2015. Click the link and get all the info needed to support this wonderful young woman and her amazing book. I've had the chance to read the book at least 7 times. I enjoy it more and more each time I'm able to dive in. The book follows main character "Elizabeth," a "Special" who's been given powers through mutated DNA. She's been captured and now shares a cage with many other "Specials," most of which have given up on escaping and the possibility of returning to their regular lives. Elizabeth is destine to not only free herself, but free the other oppressed creatures from "The Lab." She actually reminds me a lot of Gabrielle. The great thing about "Gabbie" though, is she doesn't need any special powers to be amazing. She simply wants to uplift others through the power within her heart. That's truly an example of "special." *KB