Stand Up 

By London B

June 11, 2015

"Stand Up" is an amazing short written, filmed, edited, and performed by McGrath Elementary(Grand Blanc, MI) students. The film is an output of the Brandon Publishing 'Create Program,' in which youth are given the opportunity to build many skill sets that will help them be successful in an ever-changing society. The focus of this program is literacy and self empowerment. 

The McGrath Elementary students sought out to accomplish many things with this film. The first, was to raise awareness toward the many negatives that come with bullying. It's a problem that cannot be ignored. The students also wanted to accomplish a reality show, informative documentary, and traditional style movie all in one. Amazingly, they were actually able to accomplish this. Their strong belief in each other and their abilities to accomplish something that many adults would've advised them against, stems from the foundational lessons taught within the "Create Program." 

We know that you'll enjoy this youthful, exciting, and heartfelt film as much as we have. We encourage you to "Stand Up" to any and all injustices within our society. Find out more info about the "Create Program" and getting your students involved for next fall by clicking the button below. You can also order a copy of the film from the BP Store. All proceeds go toward providing amazing programming for spectacular students. 

Click the link to watch