Committed To Our Future

Brandon Publishing Is Dedicated To Empowering Our Future By Investing In Our Youth


Brandon Publishing's Young Author's program is a youth group dedicated to reaching personal goals of empowerment while working toward becoming published.  Members of this program not only become professional published authors, they are increased through relationship building, goal setting, exposure, and the cultivation of individual talents. All members leave our group with self confidence  and a new family to support them in their endeavors. To learn more about this group or register click the button below. 

Brandon Publishing's "Create Program" is designed to grow the confidence and literacy skills of students through the creation of books, movies, and magazines.  This program works best after school, or infused with summer programming. The outputs of this workshop are astounding. Students are reminded  daily that they are "creative, humble, and exceptional beings." They walk away "knowing" that their potential to create positive items that impact our world are endless for them. Click the button below and get your school or summer group registered today!