July 29th

by London B

A trio of educators from the Michigan area had an innovative idea to make an authentic change within their school district. They understood that in order to get the results that they desired, there would have to be alterations within the current conditions of their school district. Their vision was to "dump the culture of compliance," and encourage "real learning". The group met quite often to discuss what this "new culture" would look like. Their meetings were so engaging and progressive, that they decided to take the meetings elsewhere. That destination was twitter. Two years ago, via twitter, these incredible individuals created what is now known as #COLCHAt. An interactive chat with educators across the globe all working to build a Culture Of Learning. The chat has been so successful that the group has decided to release a book entitled "COLChat Reflections- Creating A Culture Of Learning, One Day At A Time." The book will be published by the independent publishing company Brandon Publishing; it has also been stamped by Wall Street Journal best selling author Jon Gordon. (Release date is set for September 2015)

The trio went to the airwaves tonight to talk more about how this awesome desire to create an organic learning experience was developed. Click here to listen to the entire interview.  

Click the links to connect with COLChat's "marvelous three": Adam Hartley, Michele Corbat, & Rodney Hetherton.



"The Power Of EDCamps."

By London B

July 13, 2015

If you're not familiar with #ColChat then we suggest you become familiar and quickly. This group is not a reinvention of the wheel, but it's definitely the Goodrich tire. COL is an incredible community dedicated to improving our learning environments. It's a pathway to connecting with a global community of educators. If you're interested in education and innovation, then this is the group for you. 

Tonight will be the re-launch of the annual #COLCHAT via twitter (COLCHAT is returning from a brief summer break.) The community will gather at 9pm EST. COLCHAT will also be hosting guest Annie Whitlock, an Elementary Education Professor at The University Of Michigan-Flint. She'll be discussing The Power Of EdCamps and their benefits. Many will be joining the chat tonight to also share and reflect on their experiences with #edcamps. Be sure to tune in. #Impact #BP #Education