#WriteOnWednesdays - Always Write for Yourself

"Always write for yourself." We can never remind ourselves enough on this idea.  I believe that our ability to truly find satisfaction in our work begins there. Writing on topics that have been deemed "popular" for the sake of pleasing the larger crowd can become non-enjoyable; especially if it's not what we enjoy ourselves. If you’re in with a group of people who love historical fiction but you really enjoy writing fantasy, write fantasy. We cannot allow others to influence our content.  If you don’t have a desire or interest for what you’re writing, you probably won’t write at all. This truth holds for just about any aspect of the craft. Obviously, we need to follow the rules of basic grammar so that others can understand what we're saying. Clarity is key. Be sure to form your own voice and style of writing that’s unique to you and reflects the way you want to portray yourself or that particular piece. Other people will tear your writing to pieces regardless. Your assumed confidence and application of stylistic word flow will easily showcase it's beauty because it's all rooted within a subject YOU love.  #WriteOn #WTW

by Gabreille Cavett