#WriteONWednesdays - Paint with your Words

Often as writers we have to be careful about our balance between not having enough detail and having too much of it. A good way to keep track of this is to read your writing back to yourself.  This can be done either out loud, with your eyes closed, or silently. I personally prefer to read out loud (as I tend to catch more mistakes that way). 

When reading aloud, use your ears as eyes. If you can perfectly picture what you're words are attempting to create, then your on the right path.  Use your prose to paint your canvas then prepare to present it to others. It'll be better if you can get a friend or family member to glance over your projected masterpiece. Be sure to only allow them to reveal what they visualize through your descriptions; not what they think about your subject matter.  

Always aim to draw your reader into the world you've created but don't overpower them. Our word paint can't feel like it's out of balance. For me, it's best to keep a mental note that my piece is not meant to be two separate portions (being description and story-telling) but, rather, one cohesive experience.