Publisher’s Perspective

Coming February 2019

Transparency has never been problem personally for BP Publisher Kellen Brandon, but in business, his inability to do it became a lifestyle altering issue and almost a downfall. “I was scared to be open about who I was in this field and who I wanted to be,” says Brandon in one of his many intriguing reflections on his journey through independent publishing.

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“ I wanted to help people, but I also didn’t know how to say ‘no.’ I had to realize that saying no, wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; especially if it was getting in the way of accomplishing my own dreams.” Brandon remembers. Kellen has gotten himself back on the writing path with much ferocity, and let me tell you, the words are powerful and life changing. What publisher do you know who shares their personal stories on the company website? None of them, and that’s exactly what makes Kellen, unique. I want to do it my way. I’ve learned that I need to be engulfed in my industry, but I also have the freedom to use my platform for the purpose of my heart.” That purpose is to uplift others in his community; his physical community, as well as his community of readers.

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Brandon’s company blog space is just the start of many amazing things in store from the author/publisher. “It’s been a long road of self discovery, understanding my industry, and understanding business relationships versus personal relationships,” states Brandon. In the short time I had with him, he allowed me to look at some of the topics for the blog that covers a wide range of items you probably would think you’d find on a publishing companies site. Topics such as:

  • It is business and it’s not personal

    • A post covering the true idea of approaching business partnerships and understanding that it’s still business even if you find a common love for that partner.

  • Leaders should say sorry

    • Brandon talks about his hate for being under someone else’s leadership, but simultaneously learning how he’s been a poor leader and failed to recognize it while in that leadership position.

  • My wife or my life

    • Entertaining the idea of being a mogul and forfeiting everything to go after that dream. When and if you achieve it, will your family still be there waiting for you with the love and bond that you all had when you departed?

  • Isolation - A Gift & Curse

    • Brandon discusses moving away from his biggest hub of support, Flint, Michigan, and having to truly prove himself based off of his work and not his reputation within the community that raised him. “Focus takes isolation, and isolation creates distance. Some people can’t handle it and they create harsh waves within your life.”

These are just a few of the intriguing topics set to release via The Publisher’s Perspective blog. Make sure you don’t miss it.