Breath Of Fresh Air

by London B

Lansing,MI--- It's very rare that I get the chance to sit down and talk casually with our publisher Mr. Kellen E. Brandon.  He's often too busy seeking the next creative way to tell someone's story and grow his brainchild, Brandon Publishing. But tonight there was a different energy within the office; a calm collected Brandon, resting his newest retro Nike air max tennis shoes atop his black wooden table.  He rummaged through several books, opening a few pages, then quickly closing them and throwing back to his desk. "This has got be be big. It has to have momentum," he mumbled to himself or possibly to me; I'm not sure? He seemed fresh and well rested; a state of mind and body I'd failed to witness him in since I signed on as a writer for the company. My impromptu conversation with him began with, well, a question. "What's got you so peaceful and inspired?" I asked calmly with a pinch of fear. "I've finally got it," he replied, never lifting his head to look in my direction. 

"God has finally given us the blueprint what He wanted me to have. The thing I've been ignoring. Balance, purpose, and another passionate author concerned only with 'the writing' and not the notoriety." Kellen has been toiling day and night to create the company that was placed on his heart back in 2009. A publishing company dedicated to helping positive people create positive literature; starting with his own title Reflections Of Drew. His road to clarity has been long, tiresome, yet full of growth. "I've had a team of 7 working here at one time, then a team of 4, back to a team of 5, and for the last few months a team of 2. Us!" He continued, seemingly intrigued by his own journey. I was well aware that it would've taken a very special person to reawaken a fresh spirit of excitement for Mr. Brandon. The special author that managed to refuel his passion for the art  was non other than Ms. Gabrielle Cavett (Gabbie). A 15 year old phenom writer who's main interest is to increase the word count in her mind. 

"You know it's right when everything falls into place. She's the most humble, patient person I've ever met." Mr. Brandon continued raving. "She's a blessing, a gift, a great piece for BP." Which is saying a lot for a company that has continued to produce positive since 2009. But Gabbie (Who's recently requested to be called Gabrielle) is special; a once in a lifetime talent. It's rare that you find someone dedicated to the craft, youthful, while having an amazing underdog story.

Before Gabrielle could utter a sound, the doctors in charge of her delivery informed her parents that she wouldn't have much time to live after birth.  It was a prognosis that rattled the souls of her loving family. But faith is a powerful tool and a mountain mover. 15 years later, Gabrielle is still with us and ready to inspire the world once more by releasing her first book entitled Hidden Minds (October 15, 2015). It's the first book within a series of three. Gabrielle's goals to encourage other young writers fuels her creative concepts and visions. She's also recently been given the keys to Mr. Brandon's Young Authors Program; a group primarily preoccupied with improving and empowering young writers to become authors. 

“She’s perfect for the job. She’s the trailblazer for an entire group to follow.”
— Kellen E. Brandon

I must admit, I am super excited to see what Gabrielle will produce and who she will inspire. Be sure to check in and keep up with the progress of this young talent. We'll be releasing an inclusive interview, and more info about Gabrielle leading up to her book release on October 15. Stay tuned. ~LB~