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Gabbie Cavett isn’t your normal college freshman. Why? Well, because she’s a published author. On top of that, she’s a leader; inspiring and encouraging potential authors from her community toward the same achievements that she’s experienced already. Authorship. As Director of the Young Authors Program, Gabbie has blazed quite the trail for youth writers in the Flint, Michigan area. I don’t know where I would be without Gabbie, say’s BP publisher Kellen E. Brandon. Gabbie helped me press forward with my company when I honestly didn’t have the time to dedicate.Cavett took on the Young Authors Program when Brandon was ready to call it quits. She saw an opportunity to lead and went after it, something Brandon always encouraged her to do. Gabbie’s story is the narrative that fits perfectly into the vision that Brandon has for empowering youth through BP. Provide young people with a platform to lead, create, and earn financially. But “giving” is also a major portion of BP’s mission, so awarding the scholarship to Cavett was a no brainier for Brandon. The Edward Brandon Book Scholarship is awarded by Brandon Publishing to high school seniors entering their first year of college. The scholarship covers book cost for students for two semesters.

This scholarship was created in honor of my grandfather Edward Brandon. The most giving person I’ve ever known. Therefore the recipient must also embody that same quality.
— Kellen E. Brandon | Publisher at Brandon Publishing

Hidden Minds - Book Authored by Gabrielle Cavett

Hidden Minds - Book Authored by Gabrielle Cavett

I wanted to find a way to give back that made sense via a scholarship,” say’s Brandon. “But I also wanted to honor the name of my grandfather who gave in ways that were unforgettable to those who received his gifts.” It’s more than obvious that Cavett fits the mold for this award. She’s created and conducted story time toursthat celebrate reading during National Reading Month, she’s shared her story with hundreds of students across the state of Michigan, and then there’s the lingering accomplishment of being published. Yeah, she did that too. Cavett has juggled all of these amazing accomplishments and remained humble through it all. Gabbie is graciously enjoying her freshman year at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Be sure to check out Cavett’s book, Hidden Minds today!