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Tha Change Agent

Definition: A person with clear visions, knowledgeable, and leading by example. They build strong relationships rooted in trust. They're patient but persistent--acting as a catalyst for positive change. They possess rare abilities that IMPACT entire ecosystems; shifting and bending the world around them on a daily basis. Our world needs them. Tha Change Agent

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Change Agents 


Tanae Howard | Change Agent


Tanae Howard is a true inspiration to all who encounter her contagious smile and positive visions for others.  From her humble beginnings in Flint, Michigan, Howard was able to overcome many obstacles and oppression that could've easily caused her to quit and discontinue her dreams. But she NEVER gave up and refused to give in. Howard's success continues to fuel youth all over the mid-west, changing their doubts to beliefs. This is why, Tanae Howard is an amazing agent for change. #Impact